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  • Shaw TV Nanaimo:

    We're proud to represent the communities of central Vancouver Island!
    Local, community oriented programming.

  • 50th Annual Nanaimo Bathtub Race

    Catch the action from Nanaimo's 50th World Championship Bathtub Race. Airing July 26th at 8pm, July 28th at 2pm, July 29th at 5:30pm, July 30th at 9pm and July 31st at 4pm

  • Nanaimo Child Development Centre's 32nd Annual Silly Boat Regatta

    Airing July 19th @ 8pm, July 20th @ 4pm, July 21st @8pm, July 23rd @ 2pm, and July 24th @ 5pm

  • Shaw TV Social Media Survey

    Share your input & enter to win cool stuff! 

  • go!

    go! is Shaw TV's news magazine show bringing you hyper-local stories from central Vancouver Island!

  • Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island

    Back for a second season, Changing Landscapes highlights the culture and scenery of Vancouver Island!

  • PowHER TV - Coming Fall 2016

    PowHER TV is a new television series focusing on lifestyle and leadership integrated by women, for women, about women.

  • Clocked

    'Clocked' takes VJs Todd Jones and Derek Johnstone around the central Island area. With 60 minutes in real-time to solve their clue, the guys are up against the clock on a quest for local trivia!

  • Head On!

    Tuesdays @ 9:30am, Thursdays @ 5:00pm, Saturdays @ 1pm, Sundays @ 4:00pm & 9:00pm

  • The Show on Shaw TV

    Tuesdays @ 7:00pm, Thursdays @ 4:00pm, Saturdays @ 12:00pm, Sundays @ 9:00pm

  • Voice of BC with Vaughn Palmer

    Vaughn Palmer speaks with political and business newsmakers in B.C.

  • Volunteer at Shaw TV

    We need you to help us offer great community programming.
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  • Got a great idea for a show?

    We want your ideas for great community access programming.
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  • Shaw TV Nanaimo
    Community Programming
    Channel 4
  • 2016 Nanaimo Bathtub Race
    On Shaw TV
  • 2016 Silly Boat Regatta
    On Shaw TV
  • Shaw TV Social Media Survey
    Help make Shaw TV better online!
  • go!
    On Shaw TV
  • Changing Landscapes
    Season two Vancouver Island now playing!
    Learn more!
  • PowHER TV
    coming this fall on Shaw TV and VOD!
    Learn more!
  • Clocked
    Featured on go! on Shaw TV
    Learn more!
  • Head On!
    An in-depth discussion of current events and issues that matter on mid Vancouver Island.
  • The Show
    A community Access show in Nanaimo and Oceanside
  • Voice of BC
    Thursdays at 7pm
  • Volunteer at Shaw TV
    We need you!
  • Pitch Your Show Idea!
    We are here to help
  • Promote your business!
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Shaw TV Nanaimo

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