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Basic2CTV Edmonton (CFRN)
Basic3NBC Spokane (KHQ)
Basic4CBC Edmonton (CBXT)
Basic5TV Listings
Basic6CBS Spokane (KREM)
Basic7CITY TV Edmonton - CKEM
Basic8Global Edmonton (CITV)
Basic9CTV Two Alberta
Basic10Shaw TV
Basic11OMNI - Edmonton CJEO
Basic12CBC French Edmonton (CBXFT)
Basic13ABC Spokane (KXLY)
Basic15CBC News Network / AMI - audio
Basic16FOX Spokane (KAYU)
Basic18CMT - Country Music Television
Basic19Home & Garden Television
Basic20TSN - The Sports Network
Basic21The Weather Network - Alberta
Basic22PBS Spokane (KSPS)
Classic Cable23Sportsnet - West
Classic Cable24Outdoor Life Network
Classic Cable25A&E - Arts & Entertainment Network
Classic Cable26M3
Classic Cable27CNN - Cable News Network
Classic Cable28CNN - Headline News
Classic Cable29The Food Network
Classic Cable30BBC World News
Classic Cable31Showcase
Classic Cable32Discovery Channel
Classic Cable33Slice
Classic Cable34W Network West
Classic Cable35TLC - The Learning Channel
Classic Cable36Bravo!
Classic Cable37TMN Encore 2
Classic Cable38Spike TV
Classic Cable39American Movie Classics
Classic Cable40History Television West
Classic Cable41The Comedy Network
Classic Cable42Teletoon - West
Classic Cable43Space
Classic Cable44WPCH - Peachtree TV
Classic Cable45Family Channel - West
Classic Cable48DTOUR
Classic Cable49Turner Classic Movies
Classic Cable50E!
Basic51YES TV
Digital TV53The Shopping Channel
Movie Channels55TMN 1
Movie Channels56TMN 2
Movie Channels57TMN 3
Movie Channels58HBO Canada
Digital TV59WSBK - Boston Superstation
Digital TV60KTLA - CW Los Angeles Superstation
Digital TV61WGN - CW Chicago Superstation
Digital TV62WPIX - CW New York Superstation
Movie Channels63TMN Encore 1
Movie Channels64TMN Encore 2
Speciality Channel65Telelatino
Speciality Channel66Family Channel - East
Digital TV67Cartoon Network
Timeshift68CJBN - Kenora
Timeshift69Global Maritimes (CIHF)
Basic70BNN:Business News Network
Timeshift71CTV BC (CIVT)
Timeshift72CTV Calgary (CFCN)
Timeshift73CTV Winnipeg (CKY)
Timeshift74CTV Toronto (CFTO)
Timeshift75CTV (ATV) Halifax (CJCH)
Timeshift76CJON - NTV Newfoundland
Timeshift77Global Saskatoon (CFSK)
Timeshift78Global Toronto (CIII)
Timeshift79CBC Ottawa (CBOT)
Timeshift80CITY TV Toronto - CITY
Digital TV81PBS Detroit (WTVS)
Timeshift82FOX Rochester (WUHF)
Timeshift83NBC Detroit (WDIV)
Timeshift84ABC Detroit (WXYZ)
Timeshift85CBS Detroit (WWJ)
Speciality Channel86Family Junior
Speciality Channel87Family CHRGD
Speciality Channel88ABC Spark
Speciality Channel89MSNBC
Speciality Channel90Fashion Television
Digital TV91Cosmopolitan (West) TV
Speciality Channel92OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network
Digital TV93National Geographic
Speciality Channel94Discovery Science
Speciality Channel95I-Channel
Speciality Channel96Cottage Life
Speciality Channel97H2
Speciality Channel98MTV2
Flicks99Crime & Investigation (CI)
Speciality Channel100Out TV
Speciality Channel101MovieTime
Speciality Channel102Action
Speciality Channel103Lifetime
Flicks105Silver Screen Classics
Speciality Channel108BookTelevision
Speciality Channel109fyi,
Flicks110Documentary Channel
Basic119APTN - West
Basic120Vision TV
Basic121Sportsnet 360
Basic124CTV News Channel
Basic125CPAC - House of Commons
Basic126ICI RDI
Basic127TVA West Montreal
Speciality Channel129G4techTV
Speciality Channel130Travel + Escape
Speciality Channel131BET - Black Entertainment TV
Speciality Channel132GSN - Game Show Network
Speciality Channel134Animal Planet
Speciality Channel135Nickelodeon
Speciality Channel136DIY - Do It Yourself
Speciality Channel137BBC Canada
Speciality Channel138Aux TV
Speciality Channel140Pet Network
Speciality Channel141Bloomberg TV Canada
Speciality Channel142FOX News
Speciality Channel143CNBC
Speciality Channel144The Golf Channel
Sports145Sportsnet - Pacific
Sports146Sportsnet - Ontario
Sports148NBA TV Canada
Sports149The Fight Network
Speciality Channel150NFL Network
Sports152WFN - World Fishing Network
Sports153ESPN Classic
Sports Plus154Sportsnet World
Digital TV155Game TV
Speciality Channel156FX Canada
Digital TV157BTN - Big Ten Network
Sports159Sportsnet One
Speciality Channel160Salt and Light
Movie Channels161Super Channel 1
Movie Channels162Super Channel 2
Movie Channels163Super Channel 3
Movie Channels164Super Channel 4
Digital TV165The Frame
Speciality Channel166Grace TV
Speciality Channel167EWTN - Eternal Word TV Net.
Speciality Channel168One: Body, Mind & Spirit Channel
Speciality Channel169Biography
Flicks170W Movies
Speciality Channel171Wild TV
Digital TV172The Shopping Channel
Speciality Channel173Investigation Discovery (ID)
Speciality Channel175Nat Geo WILD
Digital TV181TSN - The Sports Network
Digital TV182TSN2 - The Sports Network
Speciality Channel187Disney Channel
HD Entertainment (Plus)195Disney Channel - HD
Digital TV199The Shopping Channel
HD Basic200ABC Spokane HD (KXLY-HD)
HD Basic201CBS Spokane HD (KREM-HD)
HD Basic202NBC Spokane HD (KHQ-HD)
HD Basic203FOX Spokane HD (KAYU- HD)
HD Basic204PBS Spokane HD (KSPS-HD)
HD Basic205ABC Detroit HD (WXYZ-HD)
HD Basic206CBS Detroit HD (WWJ-HD)
HD Basic207NBC Detroit HD (WDIV-HD)
HD Basic208FOX Rochester HD (WUHF-HD)
HD Basic209CBC Edmonton HD (CBXT-HD)
HD Basic210CTV Edmonton HD (CFRN-D)
HD Basic211Global Edmonton HD (CITV-HD)
HD Basic212CTV Two Alberta HD
HD Basic213CITY TV Edmonton HD (CKEM)
HD Basic214OMNI Edmonton HD (CJEO)
HD Basic215YES TV (HD)
HD Basic217CTV Toronto HD (CFTO-HD)
HD Basic218Global Toronto HD (CIII-HD)
HD Basic219City TV Toronto HD
HD Basic220CNN HD
HD Basic221BNN:Business News Network HD
HD Basic222The Frame HD
HD Basic223Sportsnet - West HD
HD Basic224Sportsnet One HD
 225WWE Network HD
HD Basic227CBC News Network HD
HD Basic228The Weather Network - AB HD
HD Basic229APTN HD
HD Sports (Plus)231Sportsnet 360 HD
HD Sports (Plus)232BTN - Big Ten Network (HD)
HD Sports (Plus)233The Golf Channel HD
Sports Plus235Sportsnet World HD (MPEG4)
HD Basic236TSN HD
HD Basic237TSN2 - HD
 238TSN3 HD
 239TSN4 HD
 240TSN5 HD
HD Education (Plus)241National Geographic HD
HD Education (Plus)242Discovery Velocity HD
HD Education (Plus)243History HD
HD Education (Plus)244Home & Garden Television HD
HD Education (Plus)245Food Network HD
HD Education (Plus)246LOVE NATURE
 247Smithsonian Channel
 248radX HD
 250Action HD
 252W Network HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)253Lifetime HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)254Slice HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)255A&E HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)256Showcase HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)257W Movies HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)258The Learning Channel HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)259WGNHD - Wgn HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)260TMN Encore 1 (HD)
HD Entertainment (Plus)261AMC HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)262MovieTime HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)263Family Channel HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)264Family CHRGD HD
HD Basic265YTV HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)266Nat Geo WILD HD
HD Entertainment (Plus)267FX Canada HD
 268TMN Encore 2 (HD)
 270H2 HD
 271Space HD
 272Discovery HD
 273Bravo HD
 274Animal Planet HD
 275The Comedy Network HD
HD Basic276Much - HD
HD Movies279HBO Canada (HD)
HD Movies280TMN 1 (HD)
HD Movies281TMN 2 (HD)
HD Movies282TMN 3 (HD)
HD Movies284Super Channel HD 1
HD Movies285Super Channel HD 2
 289AXN Movies HD
 290Sony Movie Channel HD
 291MGM Channel HD
 292Warner Films HD
 300HDTV-PPV Events
 301HDTV-PPV Events 2
 302Sportsnet One - Vancouver HD
 303HDTV-PPV Sports 3
 304HDTV-PPV Sports 4
 305HDTV-PPV Sports 5
 306HDTV-PPV Sports 6
 307HDTV-PPV Sports 7
 308HDTV-PPV Sports 8
 309HDTV-PPV Movie 1
 310HDTV-PPV Movie 2
 311HDTV-PPV Movie 3
 312HDTV-PPV Movie 4
 313HDTV-PPV Movie 5
 314HDTV-PPV Movie 6
 315Pay Per View Movies 1
 316Pay Per View Movies 2
 317Pay Per View Movies 3
 318Pay Per View Movies 4
 319Pay Per View Movies 5
 320Pay Per View Movies 6
 321Pay Per View Movies 7
 322Pay Per View Movies 8
 323Pay Per View Movies 9
 324Pay Per View Events
 325Pay Per View Events 2
 326Sportsnet One - Vancouver
 327Pay Per View Sports 3
 328Pay Per View Sports 4
 333NFL Redzone HD
 334NFL Sunday Ticket 1 HD
 335NFL Sunday Ticket 2 HD
 336NFL Sunday Ticket 3 HD
 337NFL Sunday Ticket 4 HD
 338NFL Sunday Ticket 5 HD
 339NFL Sunday Ticket 6 HD
 340NFL Sunday Ticket 7 HD
 341NFL Sunday Ticket 8 HD
 342NFL Sunday Ticket 9 HD
 343NFL Sunday Ticket 10 HD
 344NFL Sunday Ticket 11 HD
 345NFL Sunday Ticket 12 HD
 346NFL Sunday Ticket 13 HD
 347NFL Sunday Ticket 14 HD
 348NFL Sunday Ticket 15 HD
 349NFL Sunday Ticket 16 HD
 350NHL Centre Ice 1 HD
 351NHL Centre Ice 2 HD
 352NHL Centre Ice 3 HD
 353NHL Centre Ice 4 HD
 354NHL Centre Ice 5 HD
 355NHL Centre Ice 6 HD
 356NHL Centre Ice 7 HD
 357NHL Centre Ice 8 HD
 358NHL Centre Ice 9 HD
 359NHL Centre Ice 10 HD
 360NHL Centre Ice 11 HD
 361NHL Centre Ice 12 HD
 362NHL Centre Ice 13 HD
 363NHL Centre Ice 14 HD
 364NHL Centre Ice 15 HD
 365NHL Centre Ice 16 HD
 366Pay Per View Movies 10
 367Pay Per View Movies 11
 368Pay Per View Movies 12
 369Pay Per View Movies 13
 370Pay Per View Movies 14
Adult372Playboy TV
Adult373Red Hot TV
Adult374Penthouse TV
Digital Music401GLX - All Day Party
Digital Music402GLX - Hit List
Digital Music403GLX - Urban Beat
Digital Music404GLX - Hot Country
Digital Music405GLX - Rock
Digital Music406GLX - Rock Alternative
Digital Music407GLX - Dance Clubbin'
Digital Music408GLX - Eclectic Electronic
Digital Music409GLX - Pop Adult
Digital Music410GLX - Greatest Hits
Digital Music411GLX - Kid's Stuff
Digital Music412GLX - Nostalgie
Digital Music413GLX - The Blues
Digital Music414GLX - Smooth Jazz
Digital Music415GLX - Classic Masters
Digital Music416GLX - The Spa
Digital Music417GLX - Jammin'
Digital Music418GLX - Classic Rock
Digital Music419GLX - Jukebox Oldies
Digital Music420GLX - Flashback 70's
Digital Music421GLX - Remember the 80's
Digital Music422GLX - Easy Listening
Digital Music423GLX - The Light
Digital Music424GLX - Folk Roots
Digital Music425GLX - Country Classics
Digital Music426GLX - Adult Alternative
Digital Music427GLX - Jazz Now
Digital Music428GLX - Jazz Masters
Digital Music429GLX - Pop Classics
Digital Music430GLX - Chamber Music
Digital Music431GLX - Baroque
Digital Music432GLX - The Chill Lounge
Digital Music433GLX - Around the World
Digital Music434GLX - Nature
Digital Music435GLX - Franco Retro
Digital Music436GLX - Franco Pop
Digital Music437GLX - Top Detente
Digital Music438GLX - Souvenirs
Digital Music439GLX - Franco Country
Digital Music440GLX - Mousses Musique
Digital Music441GLX - Canadian Indie
Digital Music442GLX - Headbangers
Digital Music443GLX - Hip Hop
Digital Music444GLX - Latino Urbano
Digital Music445GLX - Today's Latin Pop
Digital Music446GLX - Guangdong
Digital Music447GLX - Mando Pop
Digital Music448GLX - The Asian Flavour
Digital Music449GLX - Bollywood Hits
Digital Music450GLX - Punjabi
Digital Music451GLX - Hindi Gold
Digital Music452GLX - Sounds of South India
Digital Music453GLX - Classical India
Digital Music454GLX - World Carnival
Digital Music455GLX - Arabic
Digital Music456GLX - Farsi
Digital Music457GLX - Tagalog
Digital Music458GLX - Canadiana
Digital Music459GLX - Franco Attitude
Digital Music460GLX - Big Band
Multicultural500Polskie 1 Radio
Multicultural501Polskie 3 Radio
Multicultural502TV Polonia
Multicultural503Deutsche Welle Amerika
Speciality Channel505Russia Today
Multicultural507GMA Pinoy
Multicultural508Univision Canada
Multicultural509The Filipino Channel
Multicultural510Filipino TV
Multicultural511All TV - Korean
Multicultural512Abu Dhabi
Multicultural513Al Jazeera English
Multicultural516LS Times (Cantonese)
Multicultural517Fairchild Television
Multicultural518Fairchild - East
Multicultural519Phoenix TV
Multicultural521Star Chinese Channel
Multicultural522Star Movies
Multicultural523Star Channel V
Multicultural525Odyssey Greek TV
Multicultural526CBN - Commonwealth Broadcasting Net.
Multicultural527CRICKET - Cricket Plus
Multicultural528Alpha Punjabi
Multicultural529NDTV New Delhi
Multicultural530ATN - Asian Television Network
Multicultural532Sony Ent.
Digital TV533Rim Jhim Radio
Digital TV534Radio Punjab
Multicultural537Zee TV
Multicultural538Aapka Colors
Multicultural539PTC Punjabi
Multicultural540Channel Punjabi
Multicultural542ATN Food Food
Multicultural543Life Ok
Multicultural545Kapatid TV5
Multicultural550Fairchild TV 2 HD
Multicultural551Fairchild TV 2
Multicultural552Beijing TV
Multicultural553Hunan TV
Digital TV887AMItv - French
Digital TV888AMItv - West
Digital TV889AMI - audio - West
French900HISTF - Historia
French901SER+ - Series Plus
French902Canal Evasion (EVAS)
French904Canal D (CD)
French905RDS - Reseau des Sports
French906ICI ARTV
French908Prise 2
French909Teletoon - Retro (French)
Digital TV910CPAC French
Speciality Channel911Le Canal Nouvelles
Digital TV912UNIS - West