Our secret's out

Inside the Shaw network there are millions of tiny Bots zipping around, delivering all kinds of content. They work around the clock to make sure you won't miss a thing.

Welcome to the Shaw Network

The Shaw Cable

You know what they say: home is where the cable is. Okay, maybe they don't say that. But they should, because our fibre cable network is where millions of our delivery Bots live. It's also home to all your favourite digital content, including the most HD content in Canada*. And because Shaw has tons of bandwidth, it's a very roomy living space.

The Shaw Cable

Content, content everywhere

See those panels on the wall? Those aren't just for decoration—they're
pieces of content. When activated, each one contains a movie, a TV show,
a phone call, an email, a Tweet, a hilarious cat video, or anything else that's
delivered on Shaw. Our helpful Bots carry them to your screen at pretty much
the speed of light.

Each One Contains A Movie

Travelling at 250Mbps sure beats flying coach

You're probably wondering what goes on inside that glowing river of light flowing down the centre of the pipe. We call that the stream. Look closely and you might spot Bots flying in and out of it. That's because it's actually made out of Bots travelling so fast you can't even see them.

Travels At 150 Mbps

Last stop: entertainment. Population: you.

This brings us to the end of the line, where our Bots drop off their precious cargo. Then it's right back out into the network to pick up the next delivery. We'd love to sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done, but with millions of Canadians depending on us, there's no time for lollygagging.

Last Stop Entertainment

Meet your data delivery duo


Fresh off the production line, Bit is the newest member of the Shaw team. As a rookie on the network, he's extremely eager to prove himself—maybe a bit
too eager at times.

Bit And Bud


Unlike Bit, Bud wasn't born yesterday. He's a seasoned veteran who knows the Shaw network like the back of his grasping clamp. He's cool,
calm, collected, and tackles
every delivery with a get 'er
done attitude.

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